Les Ornements Jonathan offers a range of very fine quality products. However, proper maintenance is required to protect them from the vagaries of our climate.

• Figurines, Statues, Urns, Columns, Animals:
In the fall, store these items somewhere sheltered from the snow, or place them on a raised surface where no patches of ice can form and cover them with vinyl sheeting.

• Fountains and Bird Baths:
In the fall, before the first frost, empty all basins and store them somewhere sheltered from the snow, or empty the water and if possible remove statues and pumps and store them.

Fill the bowl with absorbent material such as hessian sacks, blankets, etc. Then cover the whole fountain with vinyl sheeting.
IMPORTANT: Ensure that the sheeting does not tear during the winter. Any droplets of condensation that form on the inside will be absorbed by the material.


Against manufacturing defects: peeling paint, chipping or crumbling. Items that break, chip or crumble due to improper maintenance will not be exchanged. The customer's invoice is required for exchanges.
For further information, please contact us.

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